Monday, August 6, 2018

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Skin Magical released their fourth Rejuvenating Skin Care Set which is the TOMATO LEMON SET with apple cider.

This is the claim of the product according to their Facebook Page:

Achieve healthy and beautiful skin with our new product and future best seller.Presenting our Rejuvenating Set 4TOMATO LEMON SET Our Tomato Lemon Set contains natural and plant based ingredients with no hydroquinone that makes it safe for all skin types. With its non-drying and no sting effect it makes your skin glow through micro smooth peeling. So Nurture, Nourish and Notice your best skin with our Tomato Lemon Set. “Your ultimate skin food”

I knew I was going to buy one when I first saw it. Why? Come on, Lemon? Tomato? Apple Cider? Those were very popular skin care remedy for acne and blemished skin. 😅

These are the set inclusion:
v tomato lemon w/ apple cider toner
v tomato lemon w/ apple cider facial wash
v tomato lemon w/ apple cider serum
v tomato lemon w/ apple cider night cream
v sunblock foundation

I like all the product of this set especially the sunblock foundation because if it actually covers my blemishes and redness, I would drop my current BB Cream and sunblock since it was quite costly.

This set is priced at 280.00 but I got mine from Shopee for only 200.00 because it went on $ALE! J When I purchased the product, I didn't use it right away. I waited for the time of the month where there will be a pimple or two to appear and that was my queue.

I had this redness going on to my left cheek more than the other so I chose to show you that side. You can see a pimple at the top right part of my cheek from the photo below.

When I started using the product, I noticed wrong instruction written at the labels of the facial wash and serum. Correct me if I'm wrong but I believe that this instruction was for the toner.

I wash my face with the FACIAL WASH then deep cleanse with the toner. I would then apply the SERUM. For the last step, I use the SUNBLOCK FOUNDATION on mornings and the NIGHT CREAM during the evening.

I would like to highlight my biased product on the set - THE SUNBLOCK FOUNDATION. Here is what it looks like when applied onto skin.

Sadly, the sunblock foundation application isn’t good enough for me. From the photo below, you can see that there are small residues of the product after applying, it don’t completely stick to the skin. 

It has light coverage – yes, it brightens the skin but the redness is still there. The brightening effect also doesn’t last long.

As you know, I have oily skin and I can say that this product couldn’t control oil that long so I had to rewash my face and reapply the foundation whenever it feels sticky already. Honestly, I didn’t like to use it anymore, but for the sake of this review I continued using it with the rest of the set inclusions.

The night cream and the toner was quite okay with me. It really gives you a brightened skin look at morning after waking up but they can't prevent pimple growth as the Rejuvenating cream&toner from the set #1.

The serum doesn't seem to help much for the entire kit as per my opinion. 

The facial wash was just okay but I think I like the effect of their rejuvenating soap more because the effect is really visible after just few times of using.


I kept on having pimples every other day and it scares me already. I am so sad my skin isn't compatible with this set because I bought two sets. I have been a fan of Skin Magical because of their Rejuvenating Set #1 which I love so I have really high hopes for this one. L But it's okay, I would just go back to their set #1 maybe it wasn't just compatible to my skin type.

RATING:                1/5

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