Sunday, July 15, 2018

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Review: CASTOR OIL for hair growth

I have some insecurities growing up and one of those is my sparse eyebrows and thin lashes. I always wanted them longer and thicker so I tried buying mascara, brow liners to brow gels but I got tired of maintaining such a routine. I decided, I wanted them to be naturally long and thick. Not only it would free me from buying those above mentioned stuffs, it is also a plus not worrying about my looks even when swimming. πŸ˜„

You guys know my main qualifications for purchasing a product; first is its effectivity and the second one, of course, it has to be cheaaaap!

Soooo, let me introduce the product that I chose: CASTOR OIL

This is the castor oil remaining after almost 2 months of usage. I swear, it is full when I bought it.

Every night before going to bed, I would apply the Castor oil to my brows and lashes. Good thing, this one comes with this brush that helps with easy application. By the way, this castor oil packed in this bottle with brush is available at most online shops but I got mine from shopee.

I like this product because it never irritates my eyes. I only apply oil just enough to cover the hairs. I am not really sure if I should apply to the roots directly as well bacause I have seen some youtube tutorials and they actually use Q-tips to apply oil to eyelashes' roots. Well, as for my logic, when I apply oil to the lashes, oil would just go to the roots and I guess that would do because I was going to bed anyway - I would lay down my bed and sleep. Won't the oil just flow down to the roots due to gravity? Hahaha whatever, I just don't wanna do extra stuffs. πŸ˜…

Actually, I have heard of castor oil's effectivity for hair growth since then but I never actually gave it a try since I was told that result isn't as fast as I want them to be. I tried looking for other options but this is the only product that met my two main qualifications as I just mentioned.

The final verdict: Effective or not? Let me give you my before and after photo.

As you can see, after almost two months of usage, my eyebrows and lashes grew dramatically thicker and longer. No kidding, I noticed how my lower lashes became longer than I ever thought it could be! Hahahahahah! Now, my lashes especially the lower lashes, gets more noticeable. You may not see it from the above photo but in real life, I can really tell that Castor oil actually helps.

Right now, I am still using Castor oil and will continue to do so until I am satisfied with how long my lashes and how thicker my brows already are. Will update you guys when I finish the bottle of this oil. Hopefully by then, I could finally be more proud of my brows and lashes. 😊

RATINGS:          5/5
~since it is cheap yet effective and of course, all natural.

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