Monday, November 13, 2017

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Review: Skin Magical Rejuvenating Set #1


I recently had an acne breakout which lead me to use SKIN MAGICAL REJUVENATING SET #1 again. I’ve actually tried it before and have witnessed its effectiveness so I would be using it for the second time to see if it will still work on me.

The actual kit includes a toner, soap, sunblock, rejuvenating cream and age defying collagen cream but I only bought the Toner, Age Collagen Cream and the Rejuvenating cream for I think those were the most essential products in the Kit. What I did was I bought the larger ones – 120mL toner and 20g of both creams.

Here’s the actual product:

I bought an old stock of Toner and Rejuvenating Cream. But the age defying collagen cream is a new stock. You can tell the difference from its packaging.

  • During the day, after washing my face, I’ll just use the toner and a little bit of age defying collagen cream. When I’m going out where I know I’ll be exposed to sunlight, I would apply LILY’S TOUCHMiracle Cream as a sunblock before applying any make-up.

  • At night, after washing my face and using the toner, I would then apply a generous amount of rejuvenating cream before going to bed.

Light peeling occurred from the 3rd day of usage. Light peeling that can be removed by proper exfoliation before wearing your make up. Make sure to apply AGE DEFYING COLLAGEN CREAM too, it helps eliminating the peeling effect. I recommend this kit even to those who goes to school and work. It has way lighter peeling effect than other rejuvenating sets I’ve tried before.

Here is the result of Using SKIN MAGICAL REJUVENATING SET #1For 7 days:

You can already see the difference in 7 days. My acne got smaller and the scars and redness lessen a bit.
I'll get you updated to my current skin condition after using the rejuvenating set #1 for 30 days.


I'm still having pimples but not as much as I've had before using the product. Redness is still there but I noticed a huge difference on my face. I can now to go school without heavy cover-ups. Lately, what I usually do was just dab a medium coverage foundation to my redness/spot and I'm good to go!
There were a total of 3 Rejuvenating Sets.
REJUVENATING SET #1 is for eliminating acne and clarifying the skin - to be used for 30 days
REJUVENATING SET #2 is for maintenance after using SET #1, also to be used for 30 days
REJUVENATING SET #3 is for more rejuvenating effect, contains higher actives than the rest of the sets

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