Wais Pinay

Wais Pinay is a personal blog started on October of 2017. Author writes about topics which interests her and which she feels needed to be brought up.

A little background about the name WAIS PINAY:
WISE FILIPINA - that is what the author wants to achieve through this blog, to be a wise Filipina and to help others to be wise as well. Author would share things she learned at everything she has gone through her teenage to adulting phase.

How it started?
"I used to have a notebook where all accounts of my life experiences including the things I learned after a certain circumstance were all written. It has become my best friend. Yet, when we moved out of our house, I lost it. I then decided to continuously write (this time - online, so I could just browse it anytime with lesser worries of losing it all again). I used to write everything in private but I had a professor who is a blogger and he introduced all his students, to the world of blogging (going as far as requiring us all to have a blog). As the time goes by, I'm slowly learning more and actually started to enjoy doing it. Now, I created a new blog where I'll publicly post my entries and this time, with a goal to help others."

Content of this blog:
Academics    Health&Beauty  Lifestyle&Fashion   Financial   Food   Life Lesson   Travel 

Author is a typical College student pursuing her passion for writing & business.

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