Friday, September 14, 2018

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Vigan City is a well-known tourists destination here in the Philippines because of its Spanish colonial and Asian architecture that is still preserved to this day. Note that it was inaugurated as one of the New 7 Wonders City of the world. 

Those mentioned lines above were some of the reasons we chose to visit Vigan City to celebrate my brother's birthday. 

As usual, I looked for the cheapest tour and found one at MMC Travel and Tours official facebook page for just 799 pesos per pax.

Discounted Rates: WEEKDAYS 799 each 5 pax and up; 899 each 3-4 pax; 999 each 1-2 pax
Discounted Rates: WEEKENDS/HOLIDAY 899 each 5 pax and up; 999 each 3-4 pax; 1099 each 1-2 pax

Let us now start my review:

PRICE. At 799 pesos? It was already quite cheap compared to other day tour packages I've searched. Some are priced at around 1000 pesos.

RIDE. Safe driving? Yes. The only thing I don't like about being a joiner is that when some arrives late, then others will have to wait. It is sad that we weren't able to stick with our itinerary because of too much waiting time whenever we're leaving for the next place to visit. People, please respect others' time. *sighs* We also need to get what we paid for!!!!!

TOUR PROPER. When we arrived at Vigan we were allowed to stroll around the City ourselves. I wasn't expecting that, really. I thought they are going to take us place to place and tell us something about it but instead, they just told us to rent a calesa for a tour. I was kind of disappointed because it doesn't meet my expectation but I can't blame myself it was my first time availing  a day tour package, I don't know if that is really how it is supposed to be :)

- Please, if you can ask friends to come on a tour with you, do so. A long ride is always the best when you're with loved ones <3 Fill in the van with them. 
- Don't forget to wear comfortable outfit. Might as well bring slippers in case of a sudden rain.
- In a day tour like this, renting a calesa to stroll around the city isn't so good, given just two hours. If want to visit more places, rent a tricycle for an all-around tour. We paid 600 pesos by the way but I must say it was worth it because the driver is very accommodating, he even takes our photos and tells us something about each places we're visiting.
- Make sure to try their local food. One famous restaurant was the one located inside HIDDEN GARDEN. Their unique interiors compliments with the dishes they are offering.
- If you're looking for cheap pasalubong, buy at the stores around CALLE CRISOLOGO because those who sells around BALUARTE offers higher prices and that was where they recommended us to buy. Good thing the tricycle driver told us not to and brought us to the store I was telling you guys about.
- Bring Pillows and blankets! That was one of my biggest regret during the ride. Since the van was full, you should have something to lean on ---- not on the shoulder of the one next to you! HAHA

REALIZATION. Vigan is a very wonderful City that has too much to offer. A day isn't really enough. I suggest to go commute to Vigan and just avail a local tour package there and stay longer if possible. Ride a bicycle while strolling around its streets. Taste their local dishes. Appreciate their well-preserved structures. 

RATING: 2.5/5

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  1. Not too bad for a day tour in Vigan. 799php is a great deal. Thanks for sharing!

    Dropping some love in your blog my dear. :)