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Review: TrueMoney Center application

That's right! 1 day application only!!!

I've been seeing this new business around the net for a while and decided to just jump right into it because why not? I've heard good feedbacks about it anyway.


According to their official website:

TrueMoney is a leading international Fintech brand that creates opportunities for Filipinos to have better lives through low-cost financial services.

TrueMoney started out in 2003 in Thailand. Expanding to multiple markets across the region, it now has offices in Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Indonesia, and the Philippines, with a number of new markets opening up soon.

Now, let's discuss TrueMoney Center to which this blog is about. So basically, being a TrueMoney Center helps you earn extra income by letting you offer extra services like domestic remittance/padala, prepaid loading, bills payment and gaming credits. It is affordable and has easy online application.


Here is a screenshot of business tool you will have to choose from:

- Cheaper choice to start up. It is a good option especially to entrepreneurs who want to try it out first and does not want to risk much. The downside is that, you cannot upgrade into POS device later on.
- Enjoy convenience using your own device. Since this one only requires your mobile phone/PC, you will not have to worry about familiarizing the POS device. 

POS DEVICE: Php 15,000
- Direct receipt printing. Using POS, you will not have to worry about printing receipt as it automatically prints it (though with mobile app/portal, receipt would be sent to customer's e-mail and printing is optional).
- POS Device is not yours. You will have to take good care of it since it will only be lent to you.
- No internet needed. You only need the device alone.



Money Padala by TrueMoney is a fast, affordable, and secure way to send and receive money. NO membership required; NO charge to your receivers, too!

Only domestic money transfer is available now but they said they've been working on having international money transfer already and it will be available soon. Another advantage of this is that only the sender will be charged.


Enjoy the convenience of making bills payment at any TrueMoney Center nearby. With TrueMoney, bills payment is assured to be safe and easy. Current list of billers include utilities, telecoms, airlines, cable/internet providers, loans and a lot more.

TrueMoney has multiple list of billers as of now and is planning to have additional lists (e.g. SSS) in the coming months.


Load prepaid mobile numbers, landlines or cable subscriptions! Loading is quick and easy! No need to worry about managing separate wallets for different telco providers! For the avid gamers, customers can easily buy credit for their e-gaming accounts at any TrueMoney Center.

The good thing about this is that it is so convenient, you'll get to load different networks in just one phone. If you have an idea about the conventional loading business, you know that you have to load your e-wallet differently for globe and smart. You need 2 loader sim cards and two single-sim phone/1 dual-sim phone. 


Because of high volume of applications. They required the applicants to have the following:
                    * Physical Store
                    * Mayor's Permit
                    * DTI Permit
                    * Valid ID


If you already have the listed requirements above, just go to this link:

Fill-up the form and send a picture of each of the requirements. Once received, a TrueMoney agent will call you for confirmation and another routing agent will then visit your physical store. They will view your requirements again and may then take pictures of it too. They will let you fill up another form (hard copy) and will then send it to authorities via e-mail for final approval. Once approved, you will receive an e-mail confirmation with your log-in details to TrueMoney Agent App which you can install from Google play store.

this is the app to be installed

Once you're logged in, you will then be loaded with the initial amount of 5,000 and can already start to transact. The app is very easy to use and navigate. As for the POS device, I don't have an idea how that works since I availed the mobile app/portal.

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