Wednesday, April 25, 2018

REVIEW: AIVOYE Delicate Pore Essence

Large visible pores - one of the main skin trouble most people have and it includes me! πŸ˜…

Good thing, here comes several products promising to address this issue from skin care to cosmetics.

As you know, I've reviewed a rejuvenating set and I am still using it until now because it prevents me from having breakouts and it dramatically clears my skin from acne marks and blemishes. If you want to check out the review I made for that, click here. I never want to use different brands of the same product type to my face so I decided to go for a pore serum since I never have one on my daily skin care routine.

The qualities I am always looking for in a product are effectiveness & affordability and that lead me this product:

AIVOYE Delicate Pore Essence

NOTE: make sure to pull the ring opener all the way down until the metal separate in halves as it will become quite difficult to remove once you miss it.

This product promises to do the following:
·       Shrink pores
·       Smoothen skin
·       Control sebum
·       Moisturizing
·       Repair skin damage
·       Suitable to all skin types

It contains plant extracts like:
·       Witch Hazel Extract
·       Mint
·       Chamomile Extract
·       Aloe Extract
·       Hydrolyzed wheat protein

Usage procedure:
·       Apply on cleansed, dry face by sweeping and slightly tapping it across face and neck
·       Can be used after daily facial cleansing routine, before putting on make-up or facial mask

I used it for 7 days straight. Result is shown below:

Have you noticed any improvement? Well, I don’t. I don’t think it helped shrink my pores but let’s not judge the product too soon. Maybe, I had to use it all up before noticing any changes. All I can say about what I like with this product is that it doesn’t cause me to breakout because usually whenever I try out new products, my skin would get some sort of rashes and/or breakout. A 5/5 rating for the claim about suitability to all skin types. As for controlling oil, I don’t think it does its job, my skin is still as oily as usual. Moisturizing? I can quite agree to that. Repair skin damage? Maybe not/not that much.

I am still using it now and it was about 3 weeks already, I will just post a photo of the result after I used up the serum. Will I still consider buying my second bottle? We’ll see.

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