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Driver's License Renewal at LTO Robinsons Galleria

It was indeed a good choice for a first timer like me to renew my Driver’s License at an LTO satellite branch in Robinsons Galleria. Why? I’ll give you a list:

ü No fixers
At LTO Offices, fixers will be welcoming you, asking you to pay them extra fees to have them process your License concerns easier and faster but we should not tolerate such activities.

ü Fast Processing
LTO staffs at Robinsons Galleria were very approachable. They will assess all of your questions and signage were posted almost anywhere to help you out what to do or where to go next.

ü Accessible and Comfortable
It is very accessible and comfortable because it is located inside the mall. You can do other errands like buying groceries, eat meals and so on after processing your renewal. Of course, all with the perks of being in an air-conditioned place.

ü Your Driver’s License

ü Extra pen (pens were provided there, but bring just in case)

ü Something to kill your waiting time (books, earphones, snacks, etc.)

ü Extra cash (2,000 pesos was more than enough)

After arriving at Robinsons Galleria, look for the elevator going down. See photo below:

When you arrived at the basement, turn right, walk ahead and you’ll be able to see the LTO office to your right side. Here is the crowd at around 11:00 am. Not bad, right?

Ask the man sitting at Customer Service desk for the first thing you have to do. 

He will ask for your License and will give you a form to fill up. Go straight to WINDOW A after filling up the form.
*WINDOW A is located at the Medical & Diagnostic Center just at the left of LTO office, you can refer to the 3rd photo from above

At WINDOW A, you will be asked for your form and license then you will have to pay 350 pesos for medical examination. You will be given a number and will have to wait for your number to be called at MEDICAL AREA, don't worry there were seats there. Below is the photo of Medical Area:


          When you’re called, you will be asked to surrender your papers and license then sign on their log book before entering the room. Doctors will check your eyesight, blood pressure and current weight. You will be given another form which you will fill up before proceeding to WINDOW 1.
          *WINDOW 1 is located at LTO Office, see photo below

          An employee at WINDOW 1 will collect all your forms and license before they input your updated details to the computer. You will be asked to check if there were any corrections. Next, you will have to wait for your name to be called again at window 2. Once called, you will be asked for a photo to be taken just outside the WINDOW 2 and also for your signature. After that, you will pay the necessary fees at WINDOW 3 and will be asked to proceed at DRIVER’S LICENSE BACKLOG PRINTING area to give your receipts. See photos below for the updated fees:

          At the ‘DRIVER’S LICENSE BACKLOG PRINTING’ area just at the back of CUSTOMER SERVICE area, you will be asked to sign on their log book again before you check your details on their computer system. 

        Your photo, signature and thumb print will be taken here again then after that, you will have to wait for your name to be called at WINDOW 2 – this time, for the release of your NEW DRIVER’S LICENSE. Yeeeey!

 It took me 30 minutes in total to get mine. Good thing they extended the validity to 5 years. Check photos below for additional information:

 That was fast and easy! I would give them a rating of 5 out of 5!!! J

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