Monday, October 30, 2017

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Should you really buy Clear Nose WHITE?

                  The existence of White & Black heads bothers us the most especially when we’re aiming for a flawless make-up finish. I face the same problem too and tried different peel off products that never actually worked as it claimed. 

                 Recently, a White and Black Heads removal product from Thailand was being raved. On SHOPEE, an online shopping app, this particular product can be seen on Top Sales and Popular Filipino YOUTUBERS showed positive reviews of the product as well. Is it really worth the hype? That’s when I decided to purchase and try this product.

Clear Nose White is a white glue-like liquid many claimed to have a very effective white heads and black heads removal capability. It has a thin consistency; you can refer to the photo provided below.

As for its smell, I can only say that it has little to no scent. This comes with 50 paper sheets like such:

Before I forget to tell you, I suggest you use a brush when applying the product. As I told you, it has a glue-like consistency which makes it drip easily. Better keep it upright as well even when stored. 


1.     Wash your face as you usually do.

2.    Prepare lukewarm water and dip a cloth or a cotton pad in it.

3.    Place it on your nose area (or other preferred area for white/black head removal ex: below the lip area) for at least a minute then pat it dry. This method helps opening up your pores to strengthen the effectiveness of the product.

4.    Apply CLEAR NOSE WHITE then cover it with a paper sheet. Let it dry for about 3 to 5 minutes.

5.    Slowly peel off the paper and be amazed of the result.

It was very painful peeling off the paper but seeing the result made it totally worth it.

               I am amazed that even for its cheap price; it gave me satisfaction and even exceeded my expectation. Two thumbs up! 



Definitely, YES! I think it is the first black heads and white heads removal product that did not disappoint me.

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