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      We availed a tour package recently as joiners so we paid 1350 pesos
  • Group of 14 - 1300 pesos/person 
  • Group of 16 - 1250 pesos/person. 

Cheapest. This is the cheapest compared to other tour packages we've searched so this is where we availed. 

Comfortable ride. We rode a van going to San Antonio, Zambales. We had a stop over at a Public Market for those who are planning to cook their meal at Anawangin Cove. Safe driving, indeed! Kudos to our driver. He is very friendly, sharing random stories making our ride less boring.
        After the long-hour drive, we had a little break while waiting for our BANGKA and we spent ours having breakfast at an Eatery nearby. When our break's over, we were then advised to put on our swim wear as we might get a little wet by the ocean wave going to the Cove. As we got on the BANGKA, waves were quite strong - we felt a bit scared but we can't back off now. Our nervousness ceased when the beautiful rock formations, different shades of blue waters and undisturbed islands welcomed us. The scenery was awesome!

Itinerary checked. Such a kill joy for travelers if their itinerary cannot be followed due to unforeseen circumstances. That time, due to a strong wave and approaching rainfall, our Island Hopping acivity would've been cancelled.  Luckily, we were able to follow ours, big thanks to our guide and to those people who assured us our safety during the whole travel.

Trekking. We had a trekking activity too. We climbed up the Mt. Pundaquit. Reaching the top, a whole view of the Anawangin Cove will uplift your drained self. You never wanna miss the view right? Make sure to have your selfie stick with you. If you have a drone, much better! It was such a tiring activity but is definitely worth it!

Capones. This is the other Island we visited. This one has clearer water and whiter sand compared to Anawangin but is deeper.


 ✓ The more the merrier. Not only about the discount you can get when availing as a huge group, it can also help you enjoy activities such as BONFIRE and TREKKING. You can also play BEACH VOLLEYBALL but that is not included in the package anymore. You can rent a ball and a volleyball net at local stores there.

 ✓ There were areas where mosquitoes lurk often so it is much better to consider bringing insect repellent. Prevention is better than cure, guys!

 You never want to rinse off with a salty water, right? Well, there's another toilet and bath aside from the one near the cottages. It has a fresher water and it is located at the camper's area. Yes, thank me later.

 ✓ Couldn't afford GO PRO CAM? No problem! Just buy waterproof phone case for your phone and you're good to go. I bought mine at a souvenir store there at around 100 pesos. Such a cheap alternative, helped us take underwater shots.

 ✓ Provided tents were too small and can only accomodate two people. I suggest you to bring/buy DUYAN or might as well bring your own tent. Forgot to bring one? Locals sell DUYAN there, don't worry. 

 Not enough woods provided for bonfire. We bought few more woods just to get through the night with fire and I must say that it is quite costly.  We bought a set of woods for 200 pesos. If you want to save your money for souvenirs, you better collect woods during day time while trekking or straying around. Take advantage of your time - prepare your best pose for different spots you'll walk through. Another thing, the wind blows up harder at night which makes it difficult to start a fire so better have your lighter with you.

 ✓ There is NO ELECTRICITY in the area. Never forget to bring flashlight, mini fans & lamps - much better if it's solar powered. Also, I am telling you to never forget your trusted power bank. It will definitely save your day. Never miss a scene, capture it!

Sunset view from ANAWANGIN COVE

4/5 because we thought the package included woods were enough for a night and the tents too - we thought there would be larger tents for group of three.

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